Personal Chefs, For Oklahomans, That You Can Afford

Let's face it, cooking is a pain. Eating healthy is hard. Preparing food is time consuming. Eating out is expensive.

No two clients are the same, how can we help you in the kitchen?

First, Gold Plated does a free consultation to determine what you actually need. Next, we match you with one of our chefs with skill sets that mirror those needs. Then, you order any range of weekly hours. During those hours our chefs will perform any of the following tasks that help you enjoy your kitchen again.

Meal Planning & Preparation

We will work to find a meal plan that fits your life. Accommodating your diets, allergies & intolerance’s are not a problem for our chefs because all menus are customized before each visit. After the preparation is complete & dishes are washed all meals are stored with easy to follow instructions.

Kitchen Organization & Grocery Shopping

Let’s face it, coming home to a clean kitchen is refreshing. That alone may inspire you to start living a better culinary lifestyle. Our chefs vow to leave the kitchen better than they found it.  We keep a log of pantry items & condiments to utilize for the next visit. It helps control your grocery budget and know what your family is ACTUALLY eating. Your time is valuable. Let us plan the meals and shop for your kitchen staples each week.


Whether you are planning a cocktail party or a ladies night with a couple close friends we love to entertain. In home cooking classes, 5 course formal dinners or you could hire us to help you execute an ambitious holiday menu. Click here to book your next event.

What our clients are saying…

Changed our lives – saving money by eating out less; eating healthier at home; and spending more time enjoying at the table and less time working in the kitchen!!

Jennifer W.


Whether you like to cook but struggle to actually follow through, or hate to cook but want a great meal in your home…they can be of tremendous help.

Kellie C.


The food was outstanding. It was my first experience having a personal chef come to my house to cook for a party and it was the best experience; I’m sure it was all due to Gold Plated. I will be be calling again in the future, I am sure.

Shannon E.


My date nights happen at home now instead of a restaurant. You are awesome, thank you so much!!

Smitha K.


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